Full backup/restore with system


I have been using home assistant on RPI 4 for 2 years.
As soon as an update is available, specially with core or system I apply it with success.

When the 2024.5 is arrived it fail all my home assistant with many errors in many python system files.
Because it was complicated to fix, I decided to download a new install file and tried to use my backup files to quickly restore my home assistant version.
But if failed to restore because hacs was not automatically reinstall neither the other modules like esphome, mqtt, zigbee, …
I have had to manually install the modules I remembered had installed, before restore the config from the backup, and then recreate config for some add-ons.
It was not friendly user, and annoying, and it took long time.

Is there a way that permits to backup and restore the whole home assistant ?

Are you running HA OS ? Or another installation method ?

Hello Francisp

Home Assistant OS
I used the rpi method Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

Normally, it should have restored everything, including HACS and the add-ons.

that’s what I figured.
I tried to apply the last backup and then 2 older files, but it failed each time, until I manually install the missing add-ons and configurations :astonished: