Full backup size very large

Over the las couple of months the back up sizes have increased 10 fold, from 3Gb in Jan they are now in excess of 30Gb.

Tried purging the database and removing all the unused add-ons I got it back down to 17Gb. Still very large.

I downloaded the backup TAR file and had a look at the contents:

homeassistant.tar.gz		      70,940,630
core_whisper.tar.gz		          64,843,681
a0d7b954_vscode.tar.gz		       5,501,795
core_mosquitto.tar.gz		         152,171
share.tar.gz			              55,079
core_piper.tar.gz		              39,620
a0d7b954_ssh.tar.gz		              11,899

The other entries 19 entries are all less that 10K. Now my maths may now be great but this doesn’t add up to 17,000,000,000.

z-zip does mention this:

Path: C:\Users\grant\Downloads\6_April_2024.tar
Type: tar
Errors: Headers Error
Warnings: There are some data after the end of the payload data
Physical Size: 141 636 096
Tail Size: 17 385 188 864
Headers Size: 26 624
Code Page: UTF-8

Can anyone give a pointer on how to get this backup size back down to something more reasonable.

take a look at this:


Recently I saw that after using the wyoming satellite the backup volume increased significantly. From 1.7G to 2.8G.

I want to delete the related files because I no longer use the satellite (the satellite is very difficult to respond even in English).

Can you tell me where the files are saved?

edit: full backup now 6.6G !!!