Full cli path to configuration.yaml

I have looked everywhere and I can’t find the full path to configuration.yaml.
I have enter CLI and then entered login and I’m in but I need to full path to configuration.yaml I badly need my settings from a old machine that have lost network interface.

That depends what the install method was and what container you are in when using the cli.


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I have installed it with the image for proxmox, I have tried to find it with the ~/.homeassistant but I can’t find that folder so what’s the full path? ~ is a shortcut for home folder

You have Home Assistant OS - the image as you call it.

Your path is /config

hmm, that don’t seem to work either

When you typed:


You dropped out of the home assistant container into the os.

From the ha > prompt:

cd /config
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You are on the OS shell. The config folder is at /mnt/data/supervisor/homeassistant.

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Typing /config tries to run that as a command, you need to use cd to change directory, as Tom shows.