Full integration of Ubiquiti Unifi Video

There is currently limited support for Unifi Video. We can get the video feed for the cameras, but that’s about it.
Since the Unifi Video server has support for alerting, it’s a good idea to let Unifi Video handle motion triggering and alerts.
Unfortunately the only protocol Unifi Video support for alerting is by email, and it does not seem like the developers are planning any further extension of this to IFTTT, MQTT etc.
There are not any public API, or stable API one can use to poll Unifi Video.
Link to product download and documentation.

My idea to be able to do a full integration is:

  1. Create a SMTP to MQTT server. SMTP2MQTT. Have not found this yet in python/java/other, is it possible that no-one has actually made this?) I could of course create this in Java, as that is my main development platform, but since Home Assistant is Python based, a Python implementation of this is probably better.
  2. Let SMTP2MQTT parse the Unifi Video messages and send them to registered MQTT channels.
  3. Hook up Home Assistant to these channels.
  4. Success! :balloon:

I’ve been using this solution for the last day or so and it works well for me.

While the “unifi-video-mqtt” workaround linked to above is great, it’s still brittle in that it relies on UniFi logs being written to a specific directory in a specific format.

A proper MQTT notification solution within UniFi would be fantastic but that’s a feature request we need to make to Ubiquiti.

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Would be great to have an integrated Unifi Solution. I have this script running but is not best solution.

You would think that this was on the to do list with Ubiquiti as the main devs employer.

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Exactly, is there at least any hassio addon for unifi video? I’m currently running it on a windows machine so tailing that log is less than ideal.
Better integration with HA via hassio would also be good.