Full Kiosk Mode for HA Companion App

I am setting up an android tablet to use as a wall mounted dashboard.

I’d like to use the HA Companion app instead of a web browser to display the wall dashboard. But I don’t want users to access any part of HA that is not accessible from the assigned dashboard (or any other apps on the tablet for that matter) or to be able to switch to a diff dashboard.

Fully kiosked browser includes a way to prevent accessing other apps so I know it’s possible for an app to do it.

Then use fully (?)

I was HOPING to avoid using a web browser. But if that’s the only way.

if you consider teh app fully kiosk browser a web browser then you should also consider the companion app a web browser because both show your dashboard using webview.


Wouldn’t it be possible (not saying desirable :wink: ) to let the companion app be a launcher?

Step 0 would just be to add the couple line of codes (long time not done) to allow it to be selected, without actually add any code to launch apps, so that no other app can be launched?

Now, I’m sure there are a bazillion existing launchers that allow to do the same…


You can control which users can see which views under a dashboard. You can create a special user account for this purpose. Also take note of panel views.

That would be actually great and in the past that was super easy for android. We did this at work for our app and just wanted to avoid extra kiosk/mdm software so just added the launcher flag ad build time and that was it. In android it then was possible to set it as home-screen/launcher and one were literally stuck with the app (home button just calls the launcher app) :tada:

@Doni49 feel free to vote for your own feature request :wink:

I use this on my phone

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There are things the app can do that a dashboard via a browser can’t do. One such example is using the microphone. Unless using HTTPS, a dashboard running in a browser can’t use the microphone. But the companion app can.

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I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what FKB is doing and what I was suggesting that the Companion app should enable too.

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