Fullscreen browser for wall mounted android tablet

What web browser are you using on your wall mounted android tablets in order to access your HA frontend or Lovelace UI?

I am looking for a solution where i will never see the URL at the top of the page. Neither Chrome, nor Opera has this feature. The URL will be visible if you scroll up or down.

I have tried Fullscreen Browser but that app does not support the HA user interface. It only shows the test “initializing” like forever. I have tried that same browser on my Samsung Note 9 with the same result.

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I think most of us are using Fully Kiosk browser for tablets


Within Chromebrowser go to HomeAssistant Webinterface, click on the Hamburger Menu and select: Pin Shortcut to Start (or smth similar). It will add a shortcut to your homescreen. If you open it no URL will ever be seen.

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+1 for me :slight_smile: I have it configured to run at startup on my Amazon Fire HD tablet. Optionally you can lock it down with “Kiosk mode”, so that you can only interact with the OS / browser after entering a code.

Hello and thanks for your replies and suggestions.

I tried the Fully Kiosk Browser and that was more than I could wish for. I had everything I need in order to get things workning.

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Has anyone succesfully a fully kiosk mode with home assistant on older legacy android tablets? I have a few with Android version 4.0.4 which I want to use as wall panels.

Hello @athena. Does Fully kiosk browser (link in my previous post) work on your devices?
If not, perhaps there’s some ROM on XDA-developers forum you might want to use. What kind of tablets do you have laying around?

But I must ask. Android 4, that must have been like back in 2012. Not judging, just pure curiosity.

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Try wallpanel.

Already tried. Wallpanel need at least version 16 of the app developing kernel to run.
For Android 4.0.4 the app has to be compatible with version 14.

The browsers has the issue of the ‘initializing’ message showing forever, has to do with webview in the browsers and was hoping to find some luck with other solutions.

The tablets are indeed from the time around 2012 :slight_smile:
Generic Allwinner tablets.

I have tried to find some rom of Kitkat for generics, but the only sources I could find stopped hosting the file.

Despite the age of the tablet, they should be great use as wallpanel and mounted on the wall. Showing clock, graphs and switches.

Works fine with router management page (wrt) , internal webpages, and even html5 pages.

There are many alternative frontends to HA. Try HAdashboard