Fully Kiosk App Problem


I upgraded my wall tablet from a Fire Tablet to a galaxy Tab. I also switched from the normal version of Fully to the App version. Since then every few hours or days the tablet just shows a black screen (the screen is actually switching on, just showing black). The only solution I have for this at the moment is to use the “Restart Browser” option in the Home Assistant Fully integration.

Has anyone experienced this?

I also have a Galaxy tab on the wall, but have not experienced this.

In the settings for the Fully app, what have you got in the device management section? I have…

  • Keep screen on - prevents Android from switching it off
  • Unlock screen - shows Fully above the screen lock
  • Screen off timer - set to 120 seconds
  • Launch on boot

There are so many settings, it’s a bit of a minefield. :roll_eyes:

What do you mean by this? What is the “normal” version? Where did you get the app you installed?

I have the Keep screen off. I don’t see any point on keeping the screen on, the motion detection or pressing on the screen will turn it on.

Unlock screen - Do you mean “Unlock Swipe Screen Lock”?
Screen Off Timer - 30 seconds
Launch on Boot is on

There are so many settings, it’s a bit of a minefield. - exactly

Which Samsung Tablet do you have?

I forgot to say, I know that the srenn is still on because there is just a black screen with a little green dot in the corner (which means the camera is being used by an app).

I tried using it on a Kindle Fire HD 8 for about 6 months. It was a constant struggle stopping updates, restarting the app, having blank screens. I purchased a Lenovo M9 out of frustration. It has never once hung on me. I’m just not sure that saving $50 on a Kindle is the way to go long-term. Amazon is constantly trying to break it.

There are different versions. Browser is the normal version.

exactly. I bought it just for Home Assistant on Fully Browser (which is essentially just a webpage). It couldnt even run that…sluggish as hell and constantly updating

Interesting. I’ve been running it on a Kindle Fire HD 8 for 18 months with no issues at all, other than if the sun is shining on the tablet just right it will overheat and shut down.

I used Amazon Fire Toolbox to debloat the tablet and install the Play store when I first got it. I’ve never seen an advertisement since day one. The lock screen is also disabled.

I’m also running Fully Kiosk Browser on a Fire HD 10 in my office, only for 6 months or so, and have had no problems with it.

I managed to get FK installed on my Echo Show 15 before Amazon locked it down, and that works well, but the OS kills the app if it’s not in use regularly. The down side is I can’t update the app, it’s stuck on version 1.48.

Gotcha. It just confused me as they are all “apps”. Maybe go back to the Browser version to test apples to apples?

I’ll probably have to do that if I don’t find another solution. Which means I’ll have to transfer my old fully browser license and disasemble to tablet from its frame on the wall :frowning :frowning:

I’m just fed up of amazon at this stage. Alexa is getting stupider by the day…guess we should all pay the subscrition…:rofl:

Keep screen on doesn’t actually keep the screen on - it just stops Android from turning it off prematurely. It will turn off after the number of seconds you have set.

No. Unlock Screen. It just makes sure that Fully still works even when the screen in locked.

Mine’s a Galaxy Tab A7.

ok, I’ll give it a shot with those 2 settings. Thanks a mill for the help!