Fully Kiosk Browser does not log in to HA automatically

I have Fully Kiosk Full on a Amazon Fire. I got Fully Kiosk from their site after I read the one on the Play Store doesn’t work right. Everything is working fine apart from the user name and password, every time I goto the start URL it just shows the log in page for home assistant, I don’t even see a logging failure with in Home Assistant as if it even tried. I am sure this is going to be an Fully Kiosk Browser issue but want to know if anyone else has had the issue and fixed it ?



Speaking with Fully Kiosk Support they have come back with this, glad I am not going mad as I have been trying the “Basic Web Automation (JSON)” for an evening with no luck.

Can someone tell me the comment below is this something that can be done with help in the forum or would need to be enable / feature added to H/A sorry for my lack of knowledge in this area.

The web automation in Fully Kiosk can’t prefill the form in this page https://*********.uk as the HTML doesn’t contain the fields as you can see in the source code by pressing Ctrl+U on that page. The fields and other stuff are shown by complex JS means on that page. Our web automation code expects to find input fields in the code when the page is loaded. You can ask an experienced web developer to develop an individual code for that page to prefill fields and use the Inject Javascript feature in Fully Kiosk.



Hi there,

any updates?

I have same issue…


no sorry I have not had time to re-check…

Hi Guys. I ran into the same situation you guys were facing. I want to simplify loging in from the fully kiosk browser.
I tried the basic automation feature baked into fully to solve this. Unfortunately I failed as the input fields are not recognised, hence they cannot be filled automatically :worried::worried:.
I will follow this topic in case someone finds a solution :blush:.