Fully Kiosk Browser flags/settings

I use FKB on two devices and it works really well but I have recently found either or an intended shortfall…so wondering if there is a way around this

I have a tablet near me that turns the screen off until it detects motion (FireHD10) and when it detects motion it really works well… however, it is connected to a smart plug that cycles power on and off at a certain percentage level but this only seems to work if the screen is active.

Is there a flag that needs to be set so that FKB is always detecting the battery level even when the screen is off…when I relocate this tablet to another location, it won’t be as much of an issue as I can probably set a motion detector to wake it up…but wondered if another way in the mean time


Not really an answer to your question, but I have a similar setup with a fire 10 and just turned on the android “protect battery” or whatever it is and it charges up to 60% then down to 40 before charging again. Might be a solution.

possibly. but I’m also trying to have the ability to turn the tablet off remotely when not home again to not have it using power…also makes sense for an evening too really…will take a look either way as didn’t know that was a thing, so thanks

Can you let me know where that is…is it in the FKB menu system somewhere

There is also an option to not close the connection to HA if screen is off. This is available under the user settings in the HA app Automatically close connection when hidden or similar. Try to turn it off, maybe it will then report battery levels properly.

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thanks, let me give that a try

just thought I don’t use the app, I use FullyKioskBrowser…so not gonna work for me

Why? This option is available in the FKB. I would give it a try.
I am running the FKB on Galaxy A8 tablet and I see all sensors all the time (even when screen is off).

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