Fully Kiosk Browser Help

Hi all.

I built a wall panel, following Everything Smart Home’s tutorial, using the paid for Fully kiosk browser and everything has been working fine for months until 4 days ago. Suddenly it will not initialise in Home Assistant. It just says “failed setup, will retry.” All the entities of the tablet are greyed out and say unavailable. There’s nothing in logs about it. Has anyone had this before? Thanks

Don’t know that tutorial, but are you using the integration? That’s only necessary if you want to control the Fully Kiosk settings from HA. I have several wall panels using it as a straightforward browser - they’ve been problem free for a couple of years.

Is it actually a Fully Kiosk problem?

Yes, it is the integration. I have it set so that if my Aqara FP2 presence sensor detects motion in the area near the wall panel, it turns on the screen and 30 seconds after someone leaves that area, turns off the screen.

I believe it is an integration issue but really not sure what but I wondered if anyone else had had a similar issue.

Oh the joys of HA

Ah. Mine are old tablets with their own cameras and they come on when the camera detects motion.

Is that “old”? I have some Amazon 11 HD’s and I got them specifically (along with Fully Kiosk) to be able to detect motion and activate. I would have used iPads but that’s a much taller order for those unless you jailbreak them.