Fully Kiosk Failed to connect

Hey Folk, first time posting here, but searching online came up short with answers.

I just purchased a 10.1" Fire Tablet (2019) that I am going to use as a Fully Kiosk for a dashboard, etc.
When adding the ‘Fully Kiosk Browser’ integration I’m getting a error ‘Failed to connect’

  • Everything setup on the tablet just fine, I have a Fully Kiosk license with remote enabled
  • From a browser on my PC i can access remotely just fine at (password works)
  • Adding the Fully Kiosk Integration, I get a generic ‘Failed to connect’ error
  • Using terminal from within Home Assistant I can ping the endpoint just fine.

Ideas on how to debug this connection?



Fully Kiosk Version: ver. 1.49.1 (101105)
Home Assistant Version: 9.2

The HASS default port is 8123. It maybe this integration is trying to use the default port, rather than your custom port 2323

Thanks, but :2323 seems like the default port that Fully Kiosk is running on the tablet, it does not seem configurable either. The Host that I am putting in here is the Fully Kiosk endpoint.

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After digging through the code this afternoon, I discovered the issue is on my input validation and misunderstanding host as needing to specifically be the IP address without http://

when you copy/paste the IP address from a browser, it automatically submits the ‘Host’ as ‘’ - The integration expects this without the http:// as just the IP address. I was able to get the integration to work by using only ‘’ as the host without the PORT either as the Port is defaulted in the code to :2323


Thanks mate was going mad

Thanks for posting this. It fixed the issue for me too.

Same problem here with a Samsung A8 tablet. Remote admin works fine when accessing through browser, but it’s not working with the home assistant fully kiosk integration. I am using the ip without http://.

Samsung A8 SM-X205
Android version: 13 (SDK 33)
App version: 1.52-play

Home Assistant 2023.8.3
Supervisor 2023.08.1
Operating System 10.5
Frontend-version: 20230802.1 - latest

Searched for this for three hours today!! Thanks…this fixed my issue!

Be sure that You have the latest version of FullyKiosk. For me an upgrade was a soultion.