Fully Kiosk + Kindle Fire + HomeAssistant = lux sensor?

Hi all

I have a kindle fire which I’m using as a wall mounted tablet for a HA dash in FullyKiosk Browser

I’ve integrated FKB with HA via the HACS integration and all is kosher. Except… I can’t seem to find and/or get access to the LUX sensor.

So, I installed HA App via Googley Play store and still no light sensor.

What my idea was to create a simple lighting automation based on the lux sensor output of the tablet without having to buy/setup/configure a dedicated motion/lux sensor but alas :frowning:

I’m wondering if this is simply because it’s got the Android of Amazon and not like proper android. If anyone has experience with this that would be awesome and if needed, I’ll just flash proper android onto it and take it from there (it’s better anyway) but tbth I don’t really wanna flash full android onto it because it’s probably fiddley and with Amazon Android running it does the job (aside from this)

Merci in advanced

I have Fire HD 8 tablets that run Fully Kiosk, and I can retrieve information from the light sensor via the deviceInfo rest command. The response looks like this:

  sensorInfo: [
      type: 5,
      name: "LIGHT",
      vendor: "MTK",
      version: 1,
      accuracy: 3,
      values: [
      lastValuesTime: 1648630556714,
      lastAccuracyTime: 1648451653159

I have no idea how to interpret that value though. I am not actually using this particular sensor value.

There is a setting in Fully Kiosk to enable these sensors: Settings → Other Settings → Enable Environment Sensors (PLUS).