Fully kiosk, screen on/off issues

I´m having a strange issue with the Fully kiosk integration where it seems the integration turns on the screen every other minute. Fully client on its own worked great until i installed the integration.

Then I wanted to be able to control the screen and turn it on and off manually for certain Automations.

When I have the “screen_off_timer” set to for example 45s its changing state of the screen every other minute as i mentioned, but if I set it to 0, the screen is always on but if i manually change the state it turns back on after a minute.

If I kill the Remote Administration to the client it behaves as normal, so its definitely the integration controlling/overriding the screen to on. Checking the enity history after being away for a day its been changing state hundreds of times over the day.

Any idea of how to use the function of “screen_off_timer” built in to Fully and not have the integration changing the state unexpectedly but only on manual trigger?

Screenshot 2022-01-13 155146

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I do not have an answer, but I am also having issues with the screen. Until 2022.10.?? this was working for me where it showed whether the screen was on or off, but now it always shows as off.

This means my automation can turn it on, but I cannot turn it off.