Fully kiosk screensaver url

I have been trying for a year to get a decent screensaver working in fully kiosk browser using url of picsum in the playlist option(json) anyone willing to share what they did or tell me how to make mine work? Code below and currently only a few images on sdcard but want something like https://picsum.photos/1280/800/ instead of sdcard images and its just not working. I cannot find any documentation on what “type”:3 even is or proper way to configure this

    "type": 3,
    "url": "sdcard/Download",
    "loopItem": false,
    "loopFile": false,
    "fileOrder": 0,
    "nextItemOnTouch": false,
    "nextFileOnTouch": false,
    "nextItemTimer": 0,
    "nextImageFileTimer": 10,
    "nextVideoFileTimer": 0

This is not the fully kiosk forum.