Fully Kiosk with Cameras from Motioneye and Mail and Packages

Hi! I love HA and the automation and fun it’s brought to my smart home! I am struggling with some caching, device, and dashboard issues and would be interested if anyone has seen similar issues.

I run a Lenovo Tab 10 with Fully Kiosk to display my lovelace dashboard. I have Camera’s on that dashboard via MotionEye and a Camera from [Mail and Packages] (GitHub - moralmunky/Home-Assistant-Mail-And-Packages: Home Assistant integration providing day of package counts and USPS informed delivery images.) - which I love!

A few issues; all on the fully kiosk dashboard - the mail and packages camera randomly goes back to “No Mail Today” even when the camera is still displaying today’s mail. Loading in a chrome browser on my PC is fine and still shows the camera with mail images. The same is true for the RTSP camera via MotionEye - it’ll freeze and never reloads - even thought the camera is streaming fine when loading from the web browser on PC. Reloading the Start URL on Fully refreshes everything and things are OK - but stop working shortly after.

Last; and maybe not related - I used to run fully on a Fire HD 8 - only to have terrible issues with wireless dropping on the Fire. Wireless was fine in the house and all other devices worked - I do think this is something between Unifi and the Fire HD - it worked for a good 5-6 months and stopped after recent updates, but I cannot pinpoint which update.

Hoping others have seen similar issues and have some thoughts - thanks!