FullyKiosk ability to open Tileboard or Floorplan screen?

I am just starting to use FullyKiosk on my Galaxy Tablet. I have really only set up the basics to open a Tileboard that I have created in Home Assistant. I do also have a 3D HA-Floorplan integration… It would be nice to be able to select either of these or indeed swap between these in FullyKiosk. I do not think the integration between Tileboard and floorplans in HA allow the integration to be done there. That seems a bit clumsy as it looks like you somehow need to use iFrames.

I have seen that there are mentions of using tabs in Fully Kiosk to open local apps on a tablet. I guess I need something similar but to open different dashboards. I am at a bit of a loss as to what I need to do.

This is really a Fully Kiosk question I think but if I understand what you want to do you can specify two start URLs and they are effectively two tabs and then you can set an option to swipe and it will swap between tabs. I actually use three - HA, Google Calendar and robot vacuum.