Fun ways to physically show investment profits?

Hi there!

In Home Assistant through a few sensors (pro-tip: the ‘scrape’ integration is awesome!) and some tinkering, I managed to create a real-time sensor on the gains (or losses :neutral_face:) of my (modest) stock portfolio. Now I am looking for a funny and awesome way to physically display this in my study.

Cheap solution: RGBW led and use color scale to indicate how it’s going.

Expensive solution:

I can’t imagine that there are not more cheap/fun solution for this, however, I can’t find them :expressionless:

Any suggestions are welcome!

A raspberry pi and an LCD for cheap (espHome for even cheaper then RPI)
or spend $ for a ePaper display or $$$ for a 7 color ePaper display.
I like the ePaper myself since it does not produce any light at all and your refresh probably won’t happen that often so it would look nice. I build a clock using an ePaper display and I really like it; the problem is that my wife likes it, so it will probably disappear from my nightstand to hers.

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A esphome device with a servo with an arm attached.

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