Function request - sum import-export


I have a KWh meter and a P1 meter from HomeWizard.
In the energy dashboard of Home Assistant I can find all values related to import and export.
The total consumption (P1 import + used solar energy) and total returned are also easily visible.

A nice addition would be if the value “Total net” that is visible in the overview of the sources, is also visible in the graph in some way (for example in the mouse-over pop-up window of the Energy consumption graph). .

In any case, I find it interesting to be able to see the balance of the energy I have used from the grid and what I have returned to the grid.


Looks to me like the import + used solar is displayed incorrectly.

The graph says I just used solar energy between 11am and 1pm. Unfortunately this is not the case. I wish!

Anyone any idea how to fix this?

I figured it out. Both power produced and power consumed are sums of the three phases. I get charged however for what I net use. So I can be producing and consuming at the same time. But as far as the supplier is concerned I am doing one or the other.

Hi Wouter,

the import and used solar energy are indeed displayed correctly, but what I would actually also like to see is the total use of the grid per day. Currently this is only listed under ‘Sources’

So in the popup below it would be nice if ‘total net’ could also be listed under ‘total consumed’ and ‘total returned’.