Future options for the energy dashboard

While germany is on it’s way to transform the energy market, Hydrogen, fuel cell and electrolyser - technologies become more and more important.

Now, I found a solution, which will use the energy created by your solar installation and creates hydrogen from whater - wich will then be stored.
In the Winter, when your solar installation becomes less important, this installation will use the saved hydrogen and with a fuell cell, it will create electricity (and heat again).

Sure - this technology is at the moment rarely used - because it is still very expensive, but It would be great if the energy dashboard can be prepared for such technology.

I think, an important step into the transformation into a new era of energy distributon is to support people and get as much into the energy dashboard as possible.

For Example, I am also missing the option to add Wind turbines into the energy dashboard… this should be possible by adding them “as a solar collector” but then, it might be a bit misleading.

Rename “Sun collectors” into “Power generators”,
Allow the integration of different types of generators, such as Wind Turbines, Solar installations, and other, future technologies (Hydrogen, etc)

Add Oil usage for heating like it is possible for gas…
Add Battery powerd vehicles (at least charging) - maybe with information how much energy has been used from solar, battery or grid for the charging

Other possibilities and ideas for the energy dashboard are very welcome :slight_smile:

I also need the option to add wind turbine generation to the Energy dashboard. We need to change the current ‘Solar Panels’ area to become ‘Electricity Production’ with different types of production i.e. Solar, Wind, Hydro, etc

There’s another reason. The conversion efficiency from solar → electricity → hydrogen → electricity is terrible.

I know that it is terrible - and doesn’t really make sense at all…
But it is, how it is and it is a set goal from our politicians …
So I think, it will play a role in the future … so why not prepare and be ready for it :slight_smile: :wink: