FYI: “A New Day for Insteon!” Just found this!

A New Day for Insteon!

We are a small group of passionate Insteon users
that have successfully acquired Insteon. Like many of
you, our homes are powered by Insteon’s amazing
dual-mesh technology and highly configurable
Most of you discovered that the Insteon Hubs began
coming back online. Our first priority was getting the
hubs online immediately before we had access to
this site, the email service provider, social accounts,
etc. Every day more customers were giving up hope
so it was critical to get that restored as soon as
possible. We are aware not all functions are back
online but we are actively working on it.

I found this by mistake and I hope I’m not ruffling any feathers here. If I did I sincerely APOLOGIZE TO YOU or EVERYONE.

But I did learn an important lesson this past 60 days. Don’t put your eggs in one basket!

I had just purchased a 2245 Hub and hadn’t set it up yet when the lights went out. I’m still going to invest in an isy whatchamacallit quickly when available. Thanks for the suggestion Mr. Lutus!


Ken Fairbanks was in charge of marketing and development at Insteon. Considering their past business history it does not inspire much confidence.

Though they are planning a subscription fee so maybe it will be more successful this time:

…our immediate plan is to make the Insteon Hub services a self-sustaining business. This is where we need your help. To properly and responsibly run and support these services we will be introducing a yearly subscription fee of $39.95, or $69.95 for two years.

The reason I feel hesitation on joining up is going to be in their ability to get the product line flowing again. I have limited products and there are major products that I need like the PLM. I have is a 2414U and the HA has acknowledged it is connected but I am too new to get HA to run and find my installed Insteon Devices. My Hub seems to be working but I need a system other than the Insteon Hub.

I wonder how the Lutron business plan operates in reference to financing its Server operating side of its business. It seems to be funding its servers from somewhere. My new home had 5-6 Lutron Caseta Devices installed when we moved in. I am not paying Lutron for the Server operation. Who or how is Lutron keeping its head above water?