FYI, Interesting developments With Blue Iris and MQTT

so I had this working in the first MQTT release, but for some reason my BI box is constantly connecting and disconnecting. I have a log full of connected OK, and when I test the MQTT connection I get hundreds of connect failed (0)
Disconnect OK

and so on - anyone else having issues? i’m wondering if there is a way to rename the client_ID of the BI MQTT server?

Same here. I thought it might have been an issue with HA’s builtin MQTT server but I installed Mosquitto on my BI server and saw the exact same issue. So my guess is that the BI MQTT client is causing the flood of disconnect OK messages.

I rolled back a version and works fine. I alerted BI tech support, but works on the previous version.

Ah ok! What version are you on? Looks like BI came out today and I updated. Haven’t tested with it so I wonder if it might be fixed there(?).

This behavior still exists in In addition blueiris CPU climbs significantly when the MQTT borker is unavailable, I assume due to the constant MQTT Ping attempts.