FYI: Sonoff has a new zigbee button (SNZB-01P) with claimed 5y battery life!

Just to let you gals and guys know: I just bumped on this item by coincidence.
I have a few older, square models (SNZB-01) which work fine and the battery life is already very good on those so I would recommend them too.

This new one, SONOFF Zigbee Wireless Switch | SNZB-01P, claims to have a battery life of 5 years due to a CR2477 battery.
On top of that, you can now pair them without disassembling, they are magnetic, come with some metal plate & adhesive and they seem to add different stickers in the box.


But after five years from now, where am I going to buy a CR2477 battery?
I found that buying one of these special batteries cost more than the entire SNZB-01P :scream:

Don’t know where you buy your batteries but a quick search shows that they are much cheaper then buying a new button.

claimed battery life*

Same with CR2045. All local shops (and websites) sell 1 CR2045 for between €6 and €7 . On Ali I buy a ten-pack for the same price.