Fyrtur cover appears as window in HomeKit

Hey everybody,

I have added my IKEA Fyrtur covers via Deconz to my home assistant. Then I configured the native HomeKit integration. Now I can control them in the Home-App without any problems, but they appear as window - not as cover.
This is a problem, because I want to use HomeKit automation in Shortcuts app to open the covers with my wake up alarm on iPhone. Because I want to automate windows I have to unlock my iPhone when I want the automation to start.

Has anyone an idea to configure the covers as covers in HomeKit?

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Me too. I’ve reported https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/46820.

Here’s a workaround thanks to @stevewull: Following the instructions at https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/configuration/customizing-devices/#customizing-entities on using Configuration > Customizations, choose your FYRTUR entity and edit the Device Class to be “shade”.

since a few day, it’s exactly the same for my Fibaro Roller Shutter (FGR222)

I had a similar issue and found a fix if anyone needs help. My Tuya zigbee blinds connected via ZHA were also showing up as secured windows in homekit. I couldn’t change the device class (aka “show as”) in the UI to shade (only to window, gate, garage and one other for some reason). So I edited the device class in the customize.yaml file to shade, restarted HA, then deselected the blinds from the Homekit bridge (include mode), refreshed the home app to make sure they were gone, then re-added the blinds to the homekit bridge. Now they appear as blinds as I intended. While not an issue for me because I run most of my automations in HA, this fix would require redoing any homekit scenes and automations