FYRTUR Problems Pairing

Hey peeps!

So, having set up with my fair share of Tradfri lights, motion sensors, shortcut buttons and On/Off switches, and finding myself in need of a new set of blinds, decided to spring for Ikea’s Fyrtur 140 set of blinds.

Everything works beautifully with just the remote-range extender-blind set up, but I can’t for the life of me get it set up with Home Assistant. I’ve searched all over the internet, ran through suggest solutions I came across on the forums here… but still, no luck getting the blinds themselves to pair.

I came across this solution on a topic featuring Fyrtur - but the blinds aren’t showing under Phoscon’s Lights Tab or showing on Deconz no matter how many times I run the search and reset the blinds.

I’ve tried resetting the blinds (pressing the up and down buttons for 5 seconds until it starts flashing) and pairing with the ZHA integration, no luck and no logs.

I’ve tried all the above by first resetting the blinds, setting it finish, and then ‘powering on’ the blinds as per Ikea’s own instructions on pairing with the remote with no joy.

Any documentation or topics that I’ve missed would be very much appreciated, I can set it up to use independently of the home assistant in the mean time, but I was very much hoping to integrate it into our smart home.