FYRTUR through Nabu Casa and Google Home

I use primarily google home for most actual controls through nabu casa, and I can’t figure this out and hoping maybe has seen something similar?

I’m using Zigbee2MQTT and the blinds show up just fine and seem to work just fine.

I go into Nabu Casa and it is shared with Google Home (everything looks ok it seems)

I go into Google Home and sometimes it’ll show closed and sometimes offline.

Oddly if I tell google to open/close the blinds it will do it but spits out an error “Sorry that mode is not available for the Bedroom Blind” but it works!

Does anyone know why it does this?


I have exactly the same issue. Only for blinds, others entities controlled by the same gateway are shown in Google assistant as online.

Did you find any solution?


Sorry for the late reply!
So either google fixed it on their own or Nabu Casa fixed it.
I also joined the public preview for Google Home.

I’m happy to say it’s there, and working prefectly!