G2 misuratori water meter reading (alternatives to AI on the edge?)

Hi there Home Assistant community!

I want to track my water usage, but I am having trouble with the meter I have. I would like to hear if you people have any ideas how to get around the limitations.

My water company has installed a G2 misuratori water meter (model PFM-R100H T50) in my home and I won’t be eligible for a new meter until 2027. The technical specs can be found here: https://www.g2misuratori.it/themes/user/site/files/2019-10_bfm-bcm-pfm-R200-R100-en.pdf

To the best of my knowledge, this meter does not have a magnet or a reed. I am currently using AI on the edge to read it, however I have been unable to make it work reliably (it keeps misreading the water use by millions of liters). Below is a image of the meter from AI on the Edge:

Most of the ready solutions (like HomeWizard) are not compatible with my meter (to my knowledge), much to my chagrin.

I would like to hear if anyone has any alternatives I could have for measuring (even roughly) the water use (something I can attach to the pipes perhaps?). I don’t need it to be exact, but it should be at least somewhat reliable


Strange. I use it for my electricity meter, and it’s indeed unreliable, but the pictures I’m able to take are of far less quality than yours


Switching out to this Horseshoe-shaped universal camera mount for water meter by Zdendys - Thingiverse

I’ve managed to improve the reference image with no glare over the analog meters and only a -0.5 degree fine tune required.

Here’s a picture of my latest read showcasing the ROI placement

I will report if the AI on the edge device gets funky again.