Gadinan 2592X1944P camera

Rated high but horrible to work with as it turns out it requires old MSIE browser to install activex, it literally says “your browser is too new” when I open its web interface from firefox84 :slight_smile: I wonder if anyone succeeded with this one behind just a video stream and shots, like - pan/tilt/zoom, for example?


  1. Download the ICSEE app, login as “guest (Quick Login)”. Add the camera to your Wi-Fi, set a password and close the app.
  2. Find the IP address of the camera in your router’s DHCP settings.
  3. Connect to Gadinan cameras

Model : N/A, OTHER

IP: “the IP address of the camera”
Username: admin
Password: “the password entered in the icsee application”

Channel : 1

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