Galaxy A8 Wall Tablet Charging Issues

I have a Galaxy A8 tablet, I have tried everything to get this tablet charging correctly, but everything leads to the battery eventually going flat, I guess its consuming more power then it is receiving. Every time it charges, a message pops up displaying that it is slow charging. If I charge it using a USB charger from 240AC, it is fine. I am running 12v to this tablet,

I have tried with a 12v to 5v 10A regulator,
And have also now tried with a 12v USB socker adaopter as shown below, none of these methods work.

I have tried cutting the Male USB-A end off and wiring into these adapters, aswell as leaving the cable intact incase cutting the cable is causing issues with full current charge. Nothing seems to work.

I’m honestly out of ideas at this point, I don’t know why this tablet will not charge.

The regulators I have tried are these.

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Might need to change that title.

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Hi Dean, I get a lot of hits on a searchengine with “galaxy A8 slow charging”

Thanks Nick,

But the results I get are not related to my situation? They all seem to be related to charging with a regular AC wall charger?

Maybe I am missing something?

I haven’t looked at the details.
It indicates that this devices is very critical on chargers (and probably cables)

Also, that ‘slow charging’ message reveals something about how the software handles ‘unknown’ chargers.

It’s slow charging. That means you are using 5v usb charging and not one of the other modes it can charge at. not a problem if it is still charging faster than you are using the power. Does it go dead? Otherwise look at those links and rig up one of the fast charging adapters. Careful there to not cook the battery, though. I would expect that a 24/7 always charging a device like that is fine and it should stay up where a quick charger is usually for plug it in for an hour to charge then run on battery a couple hours kind of thing.

Yea it goes completely flat, after like 2 days.

Quick charging isn’t just higher voltage or higher current capability. Tablet won’t start quick charge if you just connect it to higher voltage, charger must be quick-charge compatible. (i think there’s something with voltage levels on data pins).
I suggest that you buy a quick-charger. Generally it will be written on it, something like “5V/2A - 9V/1.66A” or similar, sometimes there’s also 12V option stated. What about the one you got it with tablet? Isn’t that one quick-charge model?
There’s also a setting in tablet (under battery settings i believe) which controls if device will or won’t quick charge, if i remember correctly.

Yes, I have plenty of fast chargers but they are all AC adapters,

I need something the uses 12VCD as thats what I have at the tablet.

Thank you

In that case look for car charger, but make sure it’s really quick charger, not just 5v output with increased current… usually there’s QC3 mark on such chargers, and, as i said, there must be 9V output specification stated.

Yea I actually just read that some are 9v, also something about AFC.

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