Gaps in History Graph

Hi, as you can see in the graph, my speedtest is running every 20 minutes. For some reason the history graph shows a gap every hour.

Can someone tell me where the problem is and how to get rid of those gaps? Thanks!

Anything relevant in System → logs?

Nothing related to this issue. Also the data points look fine.
The only thing that’s a bit odd is that the first data point per hour is saved at 01 or 02 seconds while the other ones (at 20min and 40min) have a timestamp ending on ~20 seconds (e.g. 14:40:22)

In my experience, gaps in history-graph only happen for periods when entities are unavailable.
But that was broken recently - see this issue.

For anyone else having the same problem, it might also be affected by either this issue or this one, both affecting the Speedtest component.