Garadget state of the door

When i hit the garage door open button in HA, it say open for state then flips right back to closed. Any ideas?

What does the app say?

The sensor is based off reflectivity of a laser, if it is getting enough of a reflection from something while the door is open it will show closed. From what I remember you can adjust this threshold in the app or online.

yah, have it set to 15%

Does the app/website report the state properly? If not then I would see your answer on the Garadget forum. If it does report it properly we can look further into an HA issue.

got it squared away Silvrr. Looked like it was where my laser was pointing and getting crap reflection. Thanks for your patience.

Autozone (and I assume a lot of other place) sell a reflective tape (meant for trailers) that is actually more reflective than the dot garaget provides and allows you to make a big target. Solves any drift problems you may have with the laser.

Niiiice! Will have to try that out if this thing keeps wonking out on me

There are some good reflective tape recommendations in Garadget forum. PM me If you just need few extra tags.