Garage Door Automation using cover state

Trying to create an automation that at 10PM checks if i left the garage door open and automatically closes it. I have added an automation using time as the trigger (10pm)
added a condition using State, entity: gdoor.cover, state: open
Added action using entity: gdoor.cover, service: cover.close_cover.

Problem is the automation fires whether the door is open or closed, ignoring the state condition.

All help greatly appreciated


  • id: ‘1593723359383’
    alias: AAAA
    description: test
    • at: ‘22:00:00’
      platform: time
    • condition: and
      • condition: state
        entity_id: cover.gdoor
        state: open
    • data: {}
      entity_id: cover.gdoor
      service: cover.close_cover