Garage door automation

Hello! I am interested in automating garage door. I would like it to open when I come on car and close when I got in. I am not sure if it is right name, but I know about transponders for vehicles on paid roads whitch open the gate and pai for road. So, maybe there is something like that what can be used in Home Assistant?
Actually it should work pretty straightforward:
If car is coming - device on garage door sends rf signal and if it gets correct answer from car - it triggers opening the door.
I think it might work that way and have no idei what to use in this scenario. How do you manage that?

Take a look at this

Thank you. That is pretty DIY solution. Does it mean that there is no ready solution for zigbee or z-wave systems?

Also take a look at this one:

there is this:

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I use this with my garage door and it works great. Pretty simple installation too. Once installed i guess you could just write a simple automation that would open the door when you get within a certain radius of your home.