Garage door close after 10 minutes of being open at 8:00

I want to be able to close the garage door if it has been opened for more than 10 minutes after 8:00. I have that will close the door using a trigger of open, and wait 10 minutes and if it is after 8 close the door. I don’t have the case of, it was opened sometime before 8:00 to close the door after (door open 10 minutes && time > 8:00)

Can someone please help

- alias: gargage door closed at night trigger: platform: state entity_id: cover.garage to: 'open' for: minutes: 10 condition: condition: time after: '20:00:00' before: '07:30:00' action: - service: cover.close_cover data: entity_id: cover.garage

Just guessing but I’d say time would be your trigger and your condition would be garage open longer than 10 minutes, action close.