Garage Door Controller (Wemos Shield)

I designed a garage door control shield for the wemos D1 mini that can control one or two garage door openers and has sensors input for two doors. I am currently running GarHAge by @marthocoo on the Wemos and it is working great. The board also has a header for I2C so you can connect a temp sensor because we like data!


Instead of using a mechanical relay as others have done, I went with the MOSFET output optocoupler (aka a solid state relay) so I could achieve the shield layout. If your garage door can be controlled with a mechanical relay (ie the existing button simply shorts the two wires), this will work as well.


Since I only have one garage door, I failed to fully test my circuit before sending version one of the PCB off to OSHPark. D0 on the Wemos goes high for about a quarter of a second on boot or reset. Since door 2 was wired to D0 it means the door will open/close when this happens, which is not a great feature. I have the redesigned boards and just need to order the parts so I can verify all is well. I took the opportunity to try out OSHPark’s After Dark service with version 2 which looks pretty cool.


I have created a GitHub repository for the PCB ( but it looks like I haven’t pushed all the commits up to it. I will get that updated soon. Hopefully this time next week I will have the new board built and tested, and repo updated. I can help if you want to build your own and a friend suggested I build a few and sell them. If there is interest I might do this.

I would love you hear your thoughts and suggestions.


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Just take my money.

The board is assembled, tested and working great! The new design uses active low instead of active high to resolve the door two trigger on reboot. I haven’t hooked up a temp sensor to the I2C header yet and I just noticed that I have the SDA and SCL labels reversed. Doh! At least it will function if you know the secret. I guess that means there will need to be a v2.1.

I have updated the GitHub repository with the new design and added the BOM.

Prototype,V1 and V2 (counter clockwise from top)

@nickrout do you have one or two garage doors to control?

Three. Yeah I know, greedy aren’t I?

Great idea. I’d take a dual one.