Garage door HA and Google assistant

Hi all,
I have a motorized garage door defined in HA as garage device_class.
If I share the door with google home, it ask me te pin.
To avoid this I configured the door as cover BUT if I say to google:
“open all covers”, google opens 7 covers (6 window cover and the garage). Obviusly I want to open/close togheter only the 6 windows cover, not also the garage…
But I want also open/close the door without a pin…

Could anyone help me?

I had a similar problem with Siri where I wanted it to lock all doors when I left but it would always ask me to confirm this since it’s a secure device.

The way I fixed it was I created a switch template that locks all my doors, then Siri only has to flip an insecure switch and doesn’t ask me anymore.

You could do the same with your garage door, keep it as a door but configure a switch to open/close it for the sake of Google.

Just know that the PIN is there for a reason! Same for Siri requiring that I unlock my phone. Someone can stand at your window and yell “Open Garage Door” and presto, it’s open, and it shouldn’t. ;). For that reason I only allow CLOSING my garage or LOCKING my doors, never the opposite via an insecure voice command.

But if I configure the door like a switch will I say on/off? Can I say open/close?

I’ll allow the opening BUT not the management of alarm system… So someone can open the door but the alarm system will sends the alarm…

Right you would use on and off rather than open and close. Anything you try to control that impacts security is going to likely require a PIN (but you can experiment with this), so most things that respond to lock/unlock or open/close probably will be problematic. Certain try other versions of the cover, it might work out.

You could also redefine a few things. For me I don’t use the word “covers” in my voice automation, I call them curtains or drapes or shades or blinds, that would leave “cover” for you to use elsewhere. Then you could say “open all curtains” and your door would stay closed.

You just have to think a bit outside of the box in regards to what your voice system wants to see and what you can trick it into seeing through creative uses of HA.

I solved creating a routine: when I say “open the door” google “switch on the door”