Garage door, help to find out whats best

In a new house I moved the garage door has a sliding door (230V LIVI 803N)

The RF control they gave me is very simple with these specs. (fixed code – it has a 12V battery)

I am wondering which is the easiest way to integrate in HA.
The problem I have is that the door is common for 2 houses so I am not allowed to intervene to the garage door opener box

So I am thinking that I could buy a spare RF control and add a sonoff device to handle it.
Ideally, I would like to know also the state of the door (open-close).

Can someone point out what parts I should order ?

There are a few possibilities:

  • Get a spare remote and attach it to a ESP8266. You can use the ESP to simulate button presses to open/close the garage
  • If you have a switch in house to open/close (toggle) the garage, you could but a sonoff in between.

For detecting if it is open/closed, you could add some reed contact.

Thanks for you help.
If and when you can, please give me a links what to look for because I am a little confused, since I haven’t used before a ESP8266.
I found several different items when I searched and I don’t know which to order.

Just because I never used one before, how I should power it? with batteries?

In the simplest form I would like to attach it in the spare remote and control it through HA.
Can this be done?

Yes, this can be done. In fact, that is how i wired the remote control for my alarm system. You do need a little bit of electronic knowledge though, to figure out where to attach which wire (ground, 3v, 5v ?) on the remote.

My remote was battery powered (3,3V), so i could power it via the pins of the D1. I then soldered some wires to the buttons and attached it to the GPIO. Be carefull what GPIO you use, some go high on boot and could thus trigger to open your garage :slight_smile: See this link.

Have a look at the D1 mini.

I have zero knowledge of electronics and I am almost certain I won’t manage it :slight_smile:
Is there any other way to control the spare remote? Does sonoff has a easiest device to handle it?

I am asking for sonoff because I am more familiar with that. I also have some spare minis and basic devices

Is there a sonoff device that has 2 relays (1 for open, 1 for close) and is dry contact (meaning it has NO voltage on the relay when closed) ? If so, you could use that. You can also add 2 sonoff basics :slight_smile:

You will need to solder 4 wires to the remote than (2 for each button).

I see.
So, before I end up to esp8266 may I ask, what would I need If I could install a device in the “garage box”? This is how it is inside.
My main concern would be that the neighbour and my wife should be able to open-close with their remote control.

I can’t tell from those pics. I think the interesting part (the board controlling the motors) is in the enclosed box.

I am not sure if this is ok for me but at least seems easy to implement.
I found a video that someone is using the following device which I don’t know what exactly is

and then he connect it to to his spare remote

this is my spare remote

Can I use the same device? (if yes which is please?)

Hi, can you have a look on the above post to tell me what you think please

I don’t know what device it is, but yes, this would work. Solder 2 wires to each button, and connect a relay to it.

But you have to make sure that the board with the relays is not supplying any power to the circuit (aka dry contact). You have 3 buttons, so probably a sonoff 4CH Pro seems ok to use.

Where r u from ?

Although there are 3 buttons I am using only one, so I have to find out which is this device
Since I have no idea from electronics I really don’t understand (yet) what you mean with “dry contact”
I will search the terms to find out
I am from Greece.

If you only need to simulate 1 button press: get a sonoff basic SV

I found this video. If I understand correct this is not what I need to do?
is that right?

I also found the original device, which is again a sonoff

What would you suggest to order?

It is exactly what you need to do :slight_smile:

FYI, this is how i made mine with a D1 mini. The terminal block at the top is for connecting my doorcontact switches to detect if the gate is open or closed. I’ve spent < 10 euro on materials

It looks very nice, but it is not easy for me to made it.
If i buy the sonoff usb 5V how I could add the doorcontact in order to detect if the gate is open or closed?

I also have these sensors and waiting for the sonoff rf bridge

That can work too. You need the SV module.
You can also check this:

EDIT: not sure if that sensor is outdoor-proof

Which contacts did you use?
Why the usb version won’t work?