Garage door - knx

I´ve read that it is possible, but I can´t seem to get it working
I have knx at home and can open the garage door with a toggle.
but i want this on my home assistant. So something like a pulse. ON for 4 sec and back Off again.
In node red i have created a button and to a knx device. but nothing happens
I have tried an automation in yaml, but the file seems OK, but when i try to restart, there is an error in the yaml automation.
I´m stuck on this one

Hi :wave:!

Maybe start by exactly describing what you want to achieve.
How does the garage door work? What payloads trigger which actions? Why would you need to send something for 4 seconds on Knx?

Do you want to do it in HA or NR?

If there is an error, copy&paste the error message. Or at least show the non-working automation (yaml).