Garage door open/close automation

i am very new to HA lets start there. so i integrated my ryobi GDO into HA. and for what i am about to hopefully figure out in lovelace i can operate my gdo both open and close. I setup a flow using node red to trigger using when my wife or i left to close the gdo and turn off related lights. the lights portion of this flow work but the gdo portion even though it shows it sent the cover.close it does not happen. i setup another flow to open the gdo when we arrived same thing only difference is i setup a few lights to come on anytime it opens and some outside lights to trigger after sunset. again lights work but door does not open. under both our i have setup life360 and our phones to track and it would appear as though HA knows when we get home etc… also i changed/updated nothing and the open stopped working about a week ago i could not get it to open using a flow for some reason so i decided to try a automation and it worked. now nether of the open/close work. I have added a debug to my flow and it shows no error. it would appear in the log that it is sending the command to open/close. I am at a lose for what to look at from here.