Garage Door Opener using Sonoff SV

Looking for some help. Been following Dr. zz’s tutorial for MQTT garage door opener. ( Everything seems to be working as intended except that the door won’t actually open/close. Home assistant portion seems to be setup and functioning correctly. Hardware is wired as instructed. Light on the sonoff SV flashes when triggered from HomeAssistant. Seems like the relay isn’t working. I can place a wire from positive in to positive out and the door will open/close.

Can you hear the relay clicking on and off?

If you do then do you have an ohmmeter that you can use to check the continuity of the relay contacts when the relay is turned on?

it should be 0 ohms or so.

Seems to be but is not as loud as a sonoff basic. I don’t have an ohmmeter. I have two boards so unless it’s a bad batch both are doing the same thing. Assuming it’s something I’m doing wrong. Thanks

you said you were putting a wire between the output terminals on the Sonoff and the door operates, correct?

is there a way to manually trigger the relay from the PB on the sonoff? I don’t have one to know if that will work but usually the button on the Sonoffs will toggle the relay.

If you can do that then does the door operate?

Yes, tried touching a wire between the +in/+out on the board to complete the circuit and the door opens.

There is a button on the board and it seems to work. The light flashes on the board but the door doesn’t do anything.

Can you borrow a volt/ohmmeter or buy a cheap one to test the relay and contacts?

From what you are telling me it really sounds like the relay contacts aren’t closing. But since you can’t say for sure that the relay is being energized (and hence closing the contacts) it’s hard to know where to look next to tell why they aren’t closing…

Well after abandoning the project for the last several weeks decided to revisit it. Used a different 5V 1.2A adapter to plug in the USB cable and all is working now (previous one had the same specs)…Hope this helps someone with the same issue. Not sure why I didn’t try that earlier.