Garage Door Opener

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to control my garage door opener. I have a Ryobi GDO and it is Wi-Fi ready. The manual does not have much info on setting up the wi-fi so i cant figure out if I will be able to control the device. It says that the wi-fi is used to control the device via their ryobi app, so I am assuming I will be able to do the same with HA.

That’s a nice garage door opener; I actually looked into it when it first came out. But there is no API available or web interface to query so there wouldn’t be any way for HA to access it. It is a brand new product by Ryobi and they’re mainly known for their tools so they haven’t really had the need to have an API available. I don’t think one will be coming soon.

search for “Wayne-Dalton WDHA-12R HomeSettings Wireless Gateway”…maybe zwave control?
I am not sure what Homelink uses to communicate or what spec it conforms to.

That is what i was thinking was to use home link protocol as a “backdoor” option for up and down. However the app that ryobi has gives you a ton of added features like to control up, down, stereo attachment, fan etc. So i am trying to do away with another app to switch with by running the unit and its functions via HA.

Hi !
Did ou achieve to use your ryobi garage door opener with HA ?
I’m considering sniffing what the iPhone app sends to ryobi to open the door but I would be pleased to hear that someone already achieve to use GDO with HA.

Thanks !

No I never did get access to the Ryobi GDO. I requested access to the API and at the time they were working on making it availible. I think it was too new when I started. May have better luck now. I would contact their tech support and see if you can get access yet.

Thank you. I’ll keep you in touch during my investigations.

Some very interesting stuff here : and here

I’ve been able to make a small python code to open and close the door.

Does anybody able to make a real and reliable home assistant module ? It would be great !

I’m the developer of the code that was linked above. Most of the credit for getting me started goes to Yanni who posted the other link as he was the first to reverse engineer the door api. While I don’t have the same setup you guys have, if there is something I can help with, please reach out. I have recently updated my code with some enhancements.

Hi. Based on Yanni’s work and yours I’ve developed the component and it have been released in 0.71 version. Just opening and closing the door for the moment. Thanks for inspiration !


Thanks for putting this together. I’m struggling with obtaining my device ID using the instructions at the beginning of the instructions (

When I use the commands as outlined in the instructions I either get result unauthorized or illegal port number. I know my username and password are correct as I’ve triple checked them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Steve,

Quite strange ! I’ve just check by copy\pasting the exemple and changing the credentials and everything is fine on my side.
Is your login between quotes and the same for your password ? Did you try the curl command on a single line ?

yes…when I type it on one line I get the following error. If I type it in step by step, I get the error I described before. Here is what I typed:

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X GET \ -d ‘{“[email protected]”:“RYOBIGDO_USERNAME”,“mypassword”:“RYOBIGDO_PASSWORD”}’ \

And here is the result:

curl: (6) Could not resolve host: -d

[1/2]: “[email protected]”:“RYOBIGDO_USERNAME” -->
curl--"[email protected]":“RYOBIGDO_USERNAME”
curl: (3) Illegal port number

[2/2]: “mypassword”:“RYOBIGDO_PASSWORD” -->
curl: (3) Illegal port number
curl: (1) Protocol " https” not supported or disabled in libcurl

Anything jump out as incorrect?

if you type it on one single line you don’t need the backslashes

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X GET -d ‘{“[email protected]”:“RYOBIGDO_USERNAME”,“mypassword”:“RYOBIGDO_PASSWORD”}’

keep me in touch

Thanks for the quick response.

Still a no go…double checked my password to make sure its correct and I’m getting the {“result”:“Unauthorized”}

I think i’ve got it. It’s RYOBIGDO_USERNAME and RYOBIGDO_PASSWORD that you have to replace with your real credentials not username and password !

Hallelujah! It seems so obvious now that I was supposed to replace my information with the RYOBIGDO_USERNAME but I had it backwards. Thanks!

Now just need to get HA to actually open/close it. That’s not working just yet

Is this component still available? I’d really like to get it on my HA to open my GDO


I’ve never been able to get it to work. I wish it would.

I may have to change garage door openers again.

hi all, sorry I had to remove the component. It was quite unstable and was more upsetting than useful… Perhaps one day Ryobi will provide something helping the integration.