Garage door project

I was following dr zzzs tutorial on using a sonoff sv to toggle a garage door opener and add a reed switch and sonic presence sensor. It was going great until I had the idea to toggle the light separately for the door that didn’t get opened. I just have to short the same to wires on the opener with a capacitor inline. (Bonus points if any one can explain that. I thought it would be a resistor.) Problem is the project uses up gpio 4,5,14 that have pins on the board. Is there any more gpio pins that are maybe less accessible on this board? I was thinking the holes above the gpio block, or can I get to one by removing one leds maybe? I’d be willing to remove scrap one of those off to hack my way to another gpio pin. Then I could maybe use a something like this to do the other 12v circuit for the light.

If there’s no other gpio pins available I’m open to other board suggestions that have 3 gpio pins for the sensors and 2 dry contact relays for the opener and light circuits.

It sounds like you are ready to explore the esp8266. All the these boards are based on it. I would suggest you move on to exploring the wemos d1 mini where you would have access to all (or most) of the GPIO pins and can add what ever sensor or relay you like.

Now that said, what the sonoff sv refers to at Tx and RX should actually be gpio1 and 3. You can use them but you need to be aware that during boot they can be in the on state and may affect the boot. Rx is your best option but it will be high during boot so if connected to the relay it will activate. I guess that would mean your other lights would flash when it was booting.

Thanks hughhallhh56 you’re a true hacker. I’ll see what I can get using those pins. I can live with the light turning on after a power failure.

So far I’ve just been hacking off the shelf switches and outlets with esphome. This is my first “build your own” kind of device. If it goes well then maybe I’ll graduate to a wemos d1 mini for the next project.