Garage Door Template

Hi All-

New to HomeAssistant (converted Vera, SmartThings, and very briefly, Wink user). I am trying to setup a garage door template in HA.

I use Vera for my radio and HA sees everything. Unfortunately, I have a GD00z-4 that vera wont seem to get to work. It shows up when I add it, but doesn’t trigger. I’ve tried unparing and re-paring multiple times. Reset the Linear, bounced power in both, removed battery in the tilt and no luck. So… I have temporarily given up and gone back to my mimolite contact switch and tilt sensor combination (I have used this prior to buying the GD).

In HA, I have it working, but it’s not pretty. I would like to figure out a way to make it look like a lock. The switch look groups with my locks, but shows as a light and the on/off doesn’t easily indicate open/closed.

Any suggestions on how to make it look like a garage door and be more intuitive when using? I thought maybe LOCK would have a template, but it doesn’t seem so. Maybe a custom sensor template added to the switch template?

Here’s my switch template I setup.

- platform: template
      friendly_name: 'Garage Door'
      value_template: "{{ is_state('binary_sensor.garage_tilt_sensor', 'on') }}"
        service: switch.turn_on
        entity_id: switch.util__garage_opener
        service: switch.turn_on
        entity_id: switch.util__garage_opener


You can use customize to easily change the icon to mdi:garage, which temporarily solves one issue.

But the good news is that if you are patient (and I’m chomping at the bit to get a chance to use this myself) and upcoming PR will allow changing the icons per state. Then you can use mdi:garage for the closed state and mdi:garage-open for the opened state.

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Cool. Thanks!

Is the PR already in? I’d like to follow it. :grinning:

Give me a sec…


It’s been merged to dev so it should be in the next release.

I put this under sensor but the icon doesn’t change next to the switch or in the header. I’m ultimately trying to get the icon next to the switch to change.

Am I putting this in the wrong place? It seems like I’m missing something.

  - platform: template
        value_template: "{{ states('binary_sensor.garage_rollup') }}"
        icon_template: >
          {% if is_state('binary_sensor.garage_rollup', 'on') %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}

According to the docs there has to be a sensors: variable.
“sensors array (Required): List of your sensors.”