Garage Door

Hi folks, I’m looking for help converting a switch to a cover.
I flashed a sonoff sv with tasmota. I want to use this to open a garage door with this. I do get the switch visible in the UI. but I want to have it converted to a cover template in which I can also see whether the door is open or closed.

i have no idea how to apply this in my situations.


Sorry, I don’t speak Dutch :frowning:
Can you set language to English, take a screenshot again, and then change it back?
Does the switch toggle the door? What does the switch do?

If I’m not mistaken, your Sonoff is just a relay, but you also need a sensor. I don’t think you’ll be able to know whether the door is open or closed just by the switch state…?

dear david, the bottom picture is 1 of the magnetic contact of the door. this one comes on the sonoff sv. I’m concerned with what to configure in the yaml file. i actually want to convert a switch to a cover / garage door.

Check @DrZzs YouTube channel. He has a video on using a Sonoff SV as a garage door opener that I have successfully used.

I had already tried that. if i take over its configuration i got it not working. on which points do I need to adjust it so that it works for me?

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I’m still not clear what the top one does. Let’s say you want to open your garage door.
Do you turn it on for a brief moment and then turn it off
Do you turn it on until your garage door is open and then turn it off?

Yes, for hassio it is just a switch.

I already know it is a switch, say you want to open the garage door, what would you do with the switch?

i want to open the garage door with a switch up an down.

I still don’t understand how the switch is hooked up to the garage door. You can write in your native language if it helps.

The way garage door works is as follows:

  1. There are light sensors installed at the base of door that detects if there is any movement, if so it will shut off door closing for safety requirements.
  2. There is a central electric motor referenced in the video that powers the physical door up or down but this one is just a sensor and has a safety release. So if you release the “safety catch” physically then it is possible that the sensor mounted as shown in video will show garage door as “closed” when in fact it might be “open”.
  3. A better option would be to move the magnetic switch to one of the physical rails on either side of garage door (where the door panel actually move physically as they open or close), this ensures the reliability of garage door being physically “open” or “close”


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See my topic Using MQTT to create a `cover` with `device_class: garage` so that MIMOlite switch can be used in Alexa, Open/Close Garage Door

I’m using a MIMOlite (OpenZWave) that is in momentary mode so it’s the same as a Sonoff Inching Relay, not sure what your sonoff sv is but I presume it is also momentary. You cannot create a templated ‘cover’ - I tried; cover -platform template is not supported and it definitely needs to be a cover. If you can get your Tasmota switch into MQTT then my approach can be used, with an additional tilt sensor or magnetic contacts that indicate door open/door closed.