Garage Doors - Firehouse

Hello everyone,

We are a volunteer firehouse in Portugal, and we would like to automate, our trucks garage doors, so we can control them thru the command center remotely.

In total we have 13 garage doors, but we don’t mind to have a device on each door, that allows the operation.

Currently the garage doors, only have a rotary switch each one, and we would like to control them thru HA.


Any suggestion of the hardware compatible for this kind of gates?


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Whatever you pick, keep a „non-smart“ override, so you don’t get stuck in the firehouse because HA is running an update …


The idea is to keep the manual buttons :slight_smile:

Depending on the voltage and current, you may use smart „cover“ switches with manual override option. For example, I replaced my mechanical cover switches with Homematic, but if you don’t already have a Homematic setup, you‘d be better of with Zigbee, ZWave or Wifi alternatives.

Its a complete guess without seeing inside the device, but what you may be looking for is something like the Sonoff 4CH/2CH models which supports inching and interlocking mode. I used something similar to control my awnings. The 2CH duos may be better suited since you have (I assume) 1 door on each switch and reversing the polarity probably reverses the direction (if DC), or you may have 3/4 wires out of the motor if AC. Those devices can do either.

However, I recommend that you reflect carefully on this one since those look like some serious cables in and out and I have no way of knowing whether they are DC or AC, how the internal connects would work. and current requirements (e.g. inductive transients). Ambiguity on these things leads to failures…

If you can’t get your fire trucks out because there was a problem with your setup, it has life-threatening consequences, so if it was me I wouldn’t approach this as a simple switch project and maybe leave the current devices in place (unless you are a trained technician and engineer) and there is a manual bypass on the door that lets you get the trucks out if the device releases its magic smoke.

Another approach would be to look at the Garage Door Opener, whether there is the possibility to add an (additional) switch, which could be controlled via HA.

I hope these doors can literally open manually in case there is a total power failure.


Of course they have manual override if needed. The red handle is noticed on the image attached.

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Ah! I see now. I thought that was a pipe for some reason :slight_smile: