Garage opener Novoferm RF codes only work once?

I have an electric garage opener “Novoferm Novomatic 553”, which is controlled by 433 Mhz RF senders.
I also own a broadlink RM transmitter. With this, I could capture the senders RF code that triggers the garage.

Problem: those codes only work a single time. I assume that the manufacture is maybe cycling the codes for security reasons, or storing them somewhere so they can only be used once.

Is that possible? And if so, am I probably out of luck controlling my garage? Or could I add any additional device that could “simulate” pressing the connected “push-to-open” button inside my garage?

Have you find a solution for that? I’m also interested

I bought a shelly 2 device, and simply calling it’s rest api now. As a bypass to my normal open/close garage button:

    url: ''
    username: 'admin'
    password: !secret passwd

Hi @membersound

Sorry, new to this forum. After a lot of reading about HAOS I’ve now decided to go down that path, and this is my first post.

We’re building a new house and will have a Novoferm ISO45 with remote opening (probably something like the remote control you’re mentioning here). I can’t find any useful information regarding Novoferm Garage ports, and this was the closest I could get.

As I’m new to this, how is this done? Can I simply get a Shelly 2 device, plugin it in and then add the command lines you posted here, and it will work?

I read on Shellys website that you shouldn’t have it connected when programming it. So, question is, should I ask the electrician to install it behind the wall and connect it, or should I fix everything afterwards?

Would be grateful for some help!

So, I’ve contacted Homematic in Germany and they confirmed it works with the CCU3, you don’t need the IP access point, that’s only if you want the Android/iOS app, which I don’t since I will connect everything through HAOS.

i also own such a garage door opener.
@memebersound Q: how did you add teh shelly device to the garage opener? Can you post a picture or plan?

Thanks, Ralf