Garbage Disposal Voice Control

It’s probably not something that many people think of doing, but recently we had the air pressure switch on our sink break, and quite honestly, the price of a new switch was ridiculous.

Sooo… I just threw a SonOFF basic under the sink and wired it to the disposal, created a NodeRED flow to manage powering the unit off, and now we just ask Google to turn on the garbage disposal.

10 Seconds of run time and it shuts off. There is a slight risk to the setup as a malfunction would be bad while reaching into the drain…so we don’t reach into the drain unless we unplug it. It’s rare that we would need to do that.

So far, so good. Although, I’m not really a fan of being a slave to a cloud based control device like Google…but we can work on that down the road.

I did something similar. Used a Sonoff S31 plug.
Where the hole was in the stone counter, (did not want to see an ugly hole or “dead pressure switch”)
I found a 120v flush push button switch. Ran wires from it to the plug under the sink where the disposal is plugged in. Used flex pvc and conduit style connections.
When the button is pushed it turns off power to the plug, so no danger if hand is in disposal.
Power is off. Use the button every few days when I clean the sink and disposal.
I have been using it for a few months.
No problems so far.
It also got the WAF treatment