Gard Door becomes unavailable

I wanted to separate the threads as I have different issues that but same hardware.

I have two garage doors setup with a Lifemaster Homebridge but weirdly one door keeps going to unavailable and does this far more frequently than the other door. Again this isn’t a wifi issue as when Door A is unavailable, Door B continues to function. It isn’t a signal issue to the doors to my knowledge as it always comes back after a minute and the original keypad/fobs work. I also changed the LED bulbs to CFL bulbs just to be sure it wasn’t interference. I tried putting the Homebridge right next to Door A but the results do not change.

In the last 3 hours, Door A became unavailable 10 time, while Door B became unavailable 1 times.

What can cause 1 doo to not function correctly while the other door is fine?