Garden light switch upgrade or change to smart one

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and to HA, but I managed through reading many posts to automate things :grinning:

Now I have 2 light switches that located outside controls light in the garden, I attached the picture of the switches.

I would like to upgrade them or replace the with WiFi or Zigbee switch but for outside weather.

I was thinking of installing also only a smart module at the back of the current switch.
Like the one here

but I am not sure which ones are good integrated with HA.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.


A well integrated WiFi connected switch to retrofit behind existing wall switches is the Shelly. I am afraid though, that inside of these outdoor “Aufputz” switches as those depicted in your picture is hardly enough space for any retrofit solution. Maybe you could put the WiFi enabled switch somewhere close into a “Abzweigdose”.

@T1ppes thanks for your feedback.

I think you are right, that’s why I was even thinking of completely change the switch but seems it is not easy to find a smart similar one, which is resistant for outside weather.

Quick question, is Shelly depend on external servers or is it local?, And is there a model you recommend?
Thanks one more time

Not sure about the available choices for full replacement switches that are certified for outdoor use,. If there are any they will most likely be more expensive than the retrofit solution.

Regarding Shelly, it really depends on your use case.

  • Shelly1 can switch one output without potential. So the switch and the electrical output that is switched can be completely separated, but you can also connect the same 230V that is used for the switch cycle.
  • Shelly1 PM is the same as the 1, but has power measurement features included. So you can monitor the Power (W) and energy consumption (Wh).
  • Shelly2.5 can switch 2 separated signals, either as switch, or in a roller shutter configuration. Power measurement is included.

All Shelly’s can be optionally connected to the Shelly cloud, but you can also control everything 100% locally.
The firmware can be changed, if you have special needs. If you have two switches just like shown on your picture, I’d recommend the Shelly2.5. Just check the Amps, the Shelly1 can cope with a higher load.

Many thanks for the comprehensive answer, I will give it a try for sure.