Garden lighting without being ruined

So I couldn’t find any good thread about outdoor lighting. I’ve got 1400m2 to that I’d like to brighten up. I’m thinkging 12-25V, since noone got time to die, and that it should be able to use with HA. Nice if it plays with zigbee


Sooo I’ve so far found the following on the forums:
Hue Lily 3-pack base: $340 = $100/each.
Govee: 2-pack 69.99€ = 35$/each

So govee is way cheaper but comes without any extension-cables etc.

So my question is pritty much, do you know any other affordable spots? From china or anywhere else is fine

Not very helpful I’m afraid, but Zigbee may not be the best option for a garden.

It might be worth buying a couple of lights, just to experiment, but you may end up having to buy a lot more than you really want just to create a reliable mesh. Most Zigbee devices are designed for indoors and I haven’t come across any routers (other than lights) that are waterproof.

Found a couple of other outdoor spot manufacturers for you in the Z2MQTT device compatibility list, but I’m afraid I don’t have good news.

There’s only 2 other manufacturers making outdoor spots - Innr and MiBoxer, and both seem to hover at around $50 per spotlight.

The Govee sounds like a good idea financially, until you realise that each DC adapter only supports 2 spots max. You’d end up with around at least a dozen adapters and run out of places to plug them in, not to mention wiring distance issues. I’d expect you’d run into similar issues with spots from other manufacturers too.

Given all this, are you sure spots are really the way to go? I know they’re not as beautiful to look at, but wouldn’t floodlights do the same job while providing more coverage?

I have some low voltage lighting that’s set-up on a timer. The timer is smart enough to keep track of time even if it has no power (or it resets the time on power up, not sure) and it does dusk to dawn based on the calendar. No, I don’t know the model, and it is currently 300mi away from me.

However with this I have a smart plug, Since that is at the house zigbee works fine there, and I can just shut off the controller and have darkness for star gazing or leave it on and get dusk to dawn.

My suggestion is low voltage wires lighting, wired LED’s, then at the transformer at the house control the strings in some way…

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Yeah, this is what I’m thinking, it’s way expesive then getting some of the zigbee ones. I would think it would be soo cool to be able to make different parts of the garden shine in different colours - but the cost will not be spouse-approved.

What I’m leaing towards is making it half half or something, so the cost can stay a bit lover.

The MiBoxer does just allow quotes without any price examples… do you know what they sell foor?

I checked Ali and they’re basically the same price as the rest.

You do know zigbee flood lights exist, right?

Tell your spouse I’m sorry in advance :wink: