Gardena & Husqvarna addon for mower, water control, etc

Hi guys,

I’m looking for somebody creating a Gardena addon. Gardena ( is part of the Husqvarna Group so I assume integrating Gardena also integrates Husqvarna components as well.

There is an integration in OpenHab already available. I have the source code as well as the developer’s description what has to be respected while integrating the components. Unfortunately the description is in German language but I can translate it into English if required.

Here are the links:

  1. Source Code (Java):

  2. Analysis thread (in German but I can translate it if required):

  3. OpenHab thread with discussion about & feedback to the “OpenHab Gardena binding” (Addon) implementation:

Here is a link to a Gardena set containing the Gateway, “Smart Water Control” and “Irrigation Control” (to control up to 6 water zones):

It would be awesome if somebody starts to create this addon! Thanks in advance!

For people from Europe Gardena would be a massive addition to the components in Home Assistant :slight_smile: I keep holding on for someone with enough time to create this!

I’m working on a proper home assistant component for the gardena smart ecosystem.
My goal is to make it a default home-assistant component but time is limited so I like to share my progress with you.

Currently I have all the code in a custom_component (which later should become a pypi library), it currently only supports the lawn mower, and registers it as a vacum cleaner.
It reads the status, it can start, stop and dock the mower.


Setup should be very easy and feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


This is great, I’m redoing my garden in the next couple of months and that will include a smart watering system and a robot mower! So I would love to help develop this, but I don’t have them yet as soon as I do I will contribute! Which models are you testing with/targeting? Also I’ve just made a custom component available through HACS, which makes it really easy to share your WIP components!

Sounds good, every help is welcome. There are quite some things left to improve!

I’ve moved a couple of months ago which means a greenfield for home automation :-), although I installed all my Gardena stuff (including multizone watering), it isn’t connected to home assistant yet.

Time is a bit scarce at the moment, so every help is welcome.

I‘ve too switch over to ->

Thanks for your work @wijnandtop @kayloehmann and all other, but i think the Integration of @osks is now closer to the target to become an official HA integration status with use of the official Gardena/Husquarna API